Thursday, April 2, 2015

Where others dare not tread

There is a very old post over on Blessing of Kings called People Afraid to Try.

I'm finding many of BoKs articles agree with me.
In our case there have been two recent accounts where the PAtT concept reared its head and was squashed.

During one of our normal High Maul attempts we got Ko'Ragh but our setup was suboptimal for the fight. And I was told as such to which I replied "Are you telling me the fight is impossible? Unless you are telling me it is impossible then we are doing it with this group and we will find a way!"

We one shotted it.

Later on when we were doing Heroic Beastlord for the first time our second pull happened to pickup the Rylack first....which is supposedly a major no-no...for an instant I thought of calling for a wipe but then realized that we should push anyway...we got the kill and it is one of my favorite kills we have gotten ever =D

I wish people would be more open to trying things....crazy things.