Saturday, May 2, 2015

A month away from my Garrison

This blog post and the wow forum post it referenced got me thinking; can I live outside of my garrison for a long period of time?

Well I'm going to give it a go. I think the most important thing to note is that I just had this idea, I'm not home yet so can't log in, and yet I'm feeling a good bit of anxiety over the idea that I won't be in my garrison....but why?

For one thing I'll miss out on a months worth of new followers from the Inn and the free bonus rolls from the warmill. And all those resources from work orders. Oh my....
I'm not being sarcastic here either, the thought of those losses is a real source of anxiety and that anxiety is making me think this challenge is even more important than ever.

So when I get home today I shall do my chores for the last time this month and then walk out of my garrison and not return until the first Saturday in June.
Fortunately I can manage my followers from the remote outposts or this really would be a deal breaker.

I'm only going to be doing this on my main but I rarely do much on my alts anyhow, only one of them has reached 100, so this isn't much of an issue.

The goal here is to see how different WoD might be without the chores and the secluded hideaway that garrisons became.
I'll try and check in more frequently on the blog than I have this expansion...and maybe even write some of the other post ideas I've had.

See you out in Dreanor 0/

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Where others dare not tread

There is a very old post over on Blessing of Kings called People Afraid to Try.

I'm finding many of BoKs articles agree with me.
In our case there have been two recent accounts where the PAtT concept reared its head and was squashed.

During one of our normal High Maul attempts we got Ko'Ragh but our setup was suboptimal for the fight. And I was told as such to which I replied "Are you telling me the fight is impossible? Unless you are telling me it is impossible then we are doing it with this group and we will find a way!"

We one shotted it.

Later on when we were doing Heroic Beastlord for the first time our second pull happened to pickup the Rylack first....which is supposedly a major no-no...for an instant I thought of calling for a wipe but then realized that we should push anyway...we got the kill and it is one of my favorite kills we have gotten ever =D

I wish people would be more open to trying things....crazy things.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Quick and Dirty Holy Priest Talent/Glyph Assessment

Assumptions: you will be raid healing in a group larger than 12

First off blue chackra will be your main stance, there are very specific times to swap out to yellow and maybe red but blue is the safe goto.

Secondly you are casting renews like a psychotic sprinkle fairy...and I don't even know what the freak that means.
This is interrupted by CoH when there is damage to warrant it and its off CD.
After those two no other spell will see very heavy play except once you have your 2p from BRF which then allows PoM to be cast on CD.

Here we go:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Renew all the things!!!!!

I've  been looking over logs and searching far and wide for a way to improve my healing numbers and maybe overcome that last little bit I need in order to get my Endless title for my holy priest and what I'm seeing is renew, renew, renew, renew.

Now as a holy priest I do use renew but what I don't do is spam the ever living phunkinwaggler out of it but this is exactly what I'm seeing on top logs. The greatest part is I'm not seeing the overhealing that I was certain I would find in this renewcentric world. So, it is time to look into the math and learn to love the renew.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The ilvl Fallacy

Players have become far too obsessed with ilvl. They feel that they will do better once their ilvl is higher, that they aren't worthy of raiding yet because their ilvl is to low. The truth of the matter is that most people have a poor understanding of what ilvl is, the two assumptions it makes, and why it is one of the poorest determinations of player skill that can be used.

So let's clear this up shall we.