Friday, June 27, 2014

Drood Review

We have a druid in our raid group who has come up as my next investigative target for evaluating our raid team.
Our current target is Thok and using WCL I see that average HPS is 150kish, our drood is pulling between 50 and 70k... time to investigate.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

the 5% solution

I'm not in a good mood.
It's work related and not raid related but I really want to vent. Even though it is work related its clouded my entire mind.

5% on Thok tonight. 5%

We have good raiders in our group. We have 7 who there almost every week.


30% is keeping us from being so much more than we are. 20% is the usual we are missing but one player is coming up missing more and more.

Even with 20% missing we miss a key clutch healer.
I also feel that if we had a solid 10 the 70% might try harder. And with even more we could push people to improve in order to save their seat.

This work issue really has me down and its making me upset about one of the best nights in raiding we've had in a long time.

I'm done for the night. I'm not logging in tomorrow either. A day off.

I have a lot of work to do for next weeks Thok attempts. It would make me ever so happy if all of our 70% put in the same or even nearly the same effort.

Good night peoples who read this.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back to Work and Back to thinking about Healing, plus some BB news

So first some Bandage Brigade (BB) Raider news:

Our raid team was formed late in the SoO game with initial runs beginning around November of last year (2013). Over the past seven months we have been plagued with roster changes and major shakeups, including the two cursed slots we can't seem to keep filled. We saw a brand new tank and healer begin their new careers in these new roles (both have extensive raiding histories but not in their new given roles). One of those being myself after switching from mage to priest. Since then I have attained healer gold and learned much but still have a long, long way to go before I can say that I have mastered the role.

Despite all of that we downed Spoils tonight and put in two decent pulls on Thok. A few weeks ago we finally said no to any further resets and have since been pushing content in an effort to get Garrosh down before 6.0 takes the wolves away. It hasn't been easy especially with up to 4 new and sometimes old faces changing hands each week. On top of all that we have been plagued with the same lack of certain loot problems that so many others have had this tier. In fact last night I managed to get two very nice Flex Garrosh kills and was awarded three bags of gold for my effort. =P. I'm still running LFR trinkets and off-hand despite dozens of bonus rolls.
I understand RNG can be painful for some but it sucks when you are one the people on the left side of the bell curve who almost always get screwed in order to allow right siders to enjoy all the wonderful joys that loot can bring.
Ah well, life goes on ;)

After the page break I want to jot down my thoughts about healing in an attempt to not only clear my head but perhaps help others in BB become more conscientious healers as well.