Friday, March 25, 2016

PSR adding numbers into our subjective raider rankings

At the beginning of HFC I did a little spreadsheet that tracked some metrics for our raiders. Directly or indirectly this objective look at our team helped lead to an improvement in our raiding. At least I believe it did. Once we completed heroic content I dropped the charting, which to be fair was cumbersome to maintain, and we entered mythics almost as a lark.

I honestly didn't expect us to do so well in mythic and I certainly wasn't expecting a Gore clear as early as it came. With things going better but still some performance issues it seemed time to bring out the PSR scores again and see where our raiders stood.
I do want to take a few minutes to explain the metrics chosen and how the PSR score is calculated but first I should note that this is simply a way to collect and compare numbers, it does not take into account more subjective things like group dynamic or other nontangible qualities. It ain't perfect.