Monday, March 23, 2015

Quick and Dirty Holy Priest Talent/Glyph Assessment

Assumptions: you will be raid healing in a group larger than 12

First off blue chackra will be your main stance, there are very specific times to swap out to yellow and maybe red but blue is the safe goto.

Secondly you are casting renews like a psychotic sprinkle fairy...and I don't even know what the freak that means.
This is interrupted by CoH when there is damage to warrant it and its off CD.
After those two no other spell will see very heavy play except once you have your 2p from BRF which then allows PoM to be cast on CD.

Here we go:


15 - all three have merit. Spectral Guise looks fun though and I am enjoying finding mechanics that it cheeses. After that passives are good for saving GCDs and thought power.

30 - Feathers....except, I'm wondering if phantasm can cheese the pin down from beast

45 - Mindbender, 1 min CD, damage, mana return, cast on CD and love life

60 - Dominate Mind, for fun and profit

75 - ToF for most fights, if your up time isn't very high switch to power infusion

90 - Cascade!

100 - Now that saving grace is instant you still always take Words of Mending /shrug go blizz and your brilliant talent design.


Circle of Healing hands down.

Deep wells maybe, more charges is a good thing. Lightwell would be awesome if players would actually click the damned thing....but that's asking a lot from tunnel visioned DPS who are standing in fire.

Purification IFF the fight has lots of dispelling and your healy partners are as good about dispelling as your DPS are about not tunneling

Renew if your raid sits below full health for much of the fight (think Gruul).

Renewed Faith is one that pisses me off. Its a major Glyph which is fine considering it changes the way Life Grip works....but Druids have Sprouting Mushroom which arguably is a similar style change but is a minor Glyph???? Who makes these decisions?
I would very much take this glyph if it were a minor one. I mean really, all priest minors are cosmetic...and yet other classes get mechanic changing minors. Thanks Blizz, you suck.

Then there are the meh ones, Binding and PoM

I suppose CoH, Deep, and then a third (which can be renew if you are good at spamming). Its not very interesting. Its one YEAH!!!! One Ok. and a bunch of Ehhh Ummm Welll I don't know I guess that one ?!?
I would love it if Blizz would reach out to the community and iterate on Glyphs until we got three OMGIDKWHICHONEIWANTTHEYARESOAWESOME!!!!!!!  Glyphs and you were changing them all the time and you were excited.

So thats it! =D

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