Monday, January 26, 2015

Renew all the things!!!!!

I've  been looking over logs and searching far and wide for a way to improve my healing numbers and maybe overcome that last little bit I need in order to get my Endless title for my holy priest and what I'm seeing is renew, renew, renew, renew.

Now as a holy priest I do use renew but what I don't do is spam the ever living phunkinwaggler out of it but this is exactly what I'm seeing on top logs. The greatest part is I'm not seeing the overhealing that I was certain I would find in this renewcentric world. So, it is time to look into the math and learn to love the renew.


So, let's see if we can wrap our head around this.

The cost to apply renew is 2,500 mana. It initially heals for .22*SP has a chance to crit and multistrike and then the multistrike of course could crit again.
After this every 3s there is a tick of healing for .44*SP plus crits and multis and this occurs for the next 15s.

Haste does affect the tick speed and requires 20% in order to add a tick.

As holy we also get an additional 25% boost to renews healing ability.

So we get a base line og 1.27*SP on the initial application plus 5 ticks at 1.69*SP. Unbuffed 5k of SP should yield  an initial hit of around 6k which seems to math well with fully buffed logs  (if I were able to log in at the moment I could simply test on some dummies but alas...)
Our HPM becomes roughly 0.5 (this is an odd number though and is based on thousands of SP and mana and not a straight calc. I use it as a relative score)

That HPM  is for the initial application, as renew ticks it becomes more and more efficient though this does assume 0 overheal which is unlikely in a renew spam environment. At the end of a full 5 tick cycle we get an HPM rating of 3.8.

For comparison Heal clocks in at 114.9 HPM roughly. This math is not including things like multi and crit and what not.

But renew also has the magical ability to refresh itself when in yellow chakra. You can get a good renew to roll on and on and on.
And with the reduction in chackra change times you can do this AND drop sanctuary all over the floor.

Glyph of renew increases the healing ability by another 25% but drops a tick (reduces the duration of the buff by 3s) BUT when renew is refreshed via yellow chakra it refreshes to the full 15s while retaining the heal with the extra 25%. Tasty.
I wanna say there was a day when renew was off the GCD but this is not the case for it's current iteration though it has retained its instant cast attribute.

 Logs indicate that many holy priests are casting renew simply ALL THE DAMN TIME. One log appeared to have the priest casting it every time HW:Ser and CoH were on CD....which is most of the time.

I plan to get into the proving grounds and make it my goal to keep renew rolling on as many targets as possible for as long as possible and see what happens.

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