Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A new UI....again....and then an emergency

I can't help it I love fiddling with my UI.
To celebrate our forthcoming Garry kill I plan to redo my UI.


When I wrote this a few days ago I had planned for this to be a long term project that allowed me to reconnect with the default UI while spending time with each addon as it came along.

Then my computer had a small stroke and I lost all my weak auras. This was a few minutes before one of our tanks was going to form a Garrosh group.

With my crippled UI I limped in and realized that almost half of my output is handled by my UI.
Some might say learn to play without the UI noob. To them I respond, would you ask me to learn to see without my glasses?
The items in my UI are mostly not for show or because they are cool. Instead I use addons like glasses to compensate for something I know I have a deficit with.
My UI breaking would be like my glasses breaking.

For now I have that ugly pair of emergency glasses ready to get me through Garrosh but I will be speading up my revamp.

For warlords I will learn to see again until my new glasses have all been updated and are ready for the world....of warcraft

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