Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Twitting WoD

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I'm beginning to get a picture of what holy priest healing will look like as we ding 100.

So a stripped down pandaren priest will have:

5% crit, 784 spirit, 1093 spell power (and though I didn't get Int my guess is these are the same), 3200 combat regen, and 6431 out of combat regen. confirmed int and sp are = here

With some gear on :

14.08 crit, 5.29 haste, 0 mast, 784 spirit, 4854 spell power, regen is unchanged. Also I think this is pvp gear from the mekkator beta server. int is 3589 here

Thanks Sha!!!!

So what does this tell us? Well very little if you are looking for specifics but if you want rough numbers then this is a gold mine. From wowhead we can use the spell power values to get a low heal estimate. Secondary stats will improve this low estimate as we gain them but its nice to know a starting point.

Oh health pools, Sha was nice enough to post those as well: 160k naked, 240k clothed. Tanks typically sit around 1.5x that so 375kish give or take.

Next we just need to get some base heal amounts.

Base mana is 160k (2.2% is 3520) assuming 4.5k spell power

CD Spells for Holy

CoH - 2.2%, 110.833%   [3520, 4988]
HW:Ser - 2.2%, 415.294%  [3520, 18688]

And two non-CD spells to compare

PoH - 4.4%, 110.832 [7040, 4988] ~21 cast till OOM (give or take a few for regen)
Heal - 2.3%, 277.2%  [3680, 12474] ~42 cast to OOM doing around 500k total healing

and Flash Heal
4.6%, 277.214 [7360, 12475]
 regen is 640 per tick meaning 11s to recover from a flash heal, and roughly 6s from a heal. The CD spells will have regened in that time.

More to come, for now back to live and Siege

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