Monday, September 15, 2014

I've got to get better

So I'm thinking that perhaps transcribing what went wrong and where I lost it may help me to improve.

I can fraps and log the attempts and go back and articulate what went wrong.
I'll also try to write up something immediately after an attempt.

I'm consistently hitting mid teens with no problem and usually losing out to poor planning and not mana so I'm kinda ok with my gear.

Attempt 1

Forgot to log.... XD

so Wave 19. Whew. Felt ok. Lost some mana made some mistakes. How did I lose it? Kavan was low, everyone was low. Mana was low. I didn't get her stabilized quick enough. I was flustered.

So that an issue. So many people low and not knowing how to get out of that situation. Shouldn't have been there in the first place but still.

So I put in a few more attempts before I had to leave for work.

Notes to work on:

  • no point in saving mana if that doesn't save lives. I've been trying hard to focus on Heal use but sometimes I need a greater heal or a hard flash heal instead. I need to start recognizing this difference. 
  • Anticipate. Up to wave 5 I know what is coming and have internalized it. I need to work on remembering what 6,7,8 are and have. 9 for now is simply the oh shit wave but I should work on better understanding it. I've read it a million times but its not been internalized yet and this means I'm wasting and saving mana at inappropriate times. 
  • continue to work on fears and interrupts. As a priest this is very limited but I was watching Hamlet's vid again and noticed him move over to a Hive Singer and fear it out of combat for some time. I need to work on this. 
So yeah. Not too much longer to go in the xpac and still 11 waves shy of my goal. On top of that I'm super happy with mana and health in wave 11-19 considering the increased damage coming in wave 20-30. 

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