Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weak Auras; Strong Addon

This isn't a major post, just some notes to myself as we prepare to enter pre-WoD and I have to do the ritual UI dance.

Weak Auras
Spells and Their CDs
Short CD spells will go on the spell bar along with their CDs. I think I'll actually make a group for Holy/Disc/Druid/Sham/Monk/Pal this time instead of the single bar I had for MoP.

Long CDs go at the bottom of the screen.

CC we priest have any CC =,( of the screen.

Track Renews. Worth it to track PW:S? Probably not. Will assess other healers as I get to know them. Also track PoM.

Throughput Buffs in one bar group

Regen Buffs in another.

Throughput has priority, so for something like Serendipity it would go in regen.

Dispels are tracked by when they are on CD. This is the same for any rarely used spell.

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