Friday, October 3, 2014

Do Priests Lack Good Raid Utility?

One root, but only as a talent. One fear, same tree as the root. No battle rez, no way to remove movement impairing effects from allies. Disc received a Silence but Holy still has none. Fear Ward is nice but on a 3 min CD. Warriors now have access to Stam buff.

The MoP proving grounds really highlighted the lack of offensive utility Priests have in the game. We have some decent spells like levitate and Leap of Faith but they just don't compare to the utility of the shaman or druid. Dispel Magic would be great if it was more useful in a raiding environment.

I'm trying to justify a why a Priest would be needed in a Raid during WoD. Trying to figure out if I should switch over and play a Shaman as my main.

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