Friday, November 14, 2014

oh the lag....the laaaaaaaaag

So if you haven't heard WoD dropped....well like 23 hrs ago. I'm now 92... =(
I couldn't have hit 100 even if I had wanted to today. Area52 was very ill, poor little guy just couldn't take the invasion of the Iron Nerds.


I still have opinions.

So what do I think?

Overall I'm very excited. The game play seems like it will be very fluid and fun once the servers are sorted. I was initially worried about the pruning of the priest tree being a detriment to play but it actually feels really good. Kind of a back to basics feel almost.

At 92 I got my first perk....Enhanced Renew. I was disappointed, I really want 10s chackras but I have to admit the added 3s to renew are a breath of fresh air and make it easier to maintain.

Lag. Disconnects. RAAAGGGEEEE. but not from me. I've been through too many deployments to have unrealistic day 1 expectations. So long as its good by the weekend I don't care. Plus it gave me time to mine up a bit more Iron and harvest some more of magical crops in my Minecraft world.

We did run the new dungeon a few times. Its laughably easy on Normal at level. We sent the tank and myself one way and the others ran around and grabbed aggro and brought it back to us.
Honestly, I hate leveling. I hate rail quests...the Goblin and Panda zones are physically painful for me...I don't care about the story in this venue, I have youtube for lore thank you, I just want to get to max level and have a bunch of silly shit to do to get raid ready thank you. I do like dungeons but not this mickey mouse bullshit. Just insta us to 100 Blizz, sheesh, even you don't give two rats testicles about the leveling process. Its time consuming and nothing more. All the awesome quests and world stuff works at max just as well as it does on the way up.
I honestly hope that level 100 is the last time we DING. Find another gating mechanism that doesn't require time consuming Mickey Mousery.

On server lag and rail quests in particular:

Blizzard, look at me. No, no, look me in the eye, I'm only going to say this once.

If you are going to force everyone to go through a linear on rails questing experience that offers no choice then you need to utilize the auto quest granting and remote turn in that has been around since cataclysm. Allowing asshats to sit on a quest giver on their largest mount in order to obscure and complicate the process of gaining and turning in quests is unforgivable.
I'm ok with the lag and inability to actually do the quests but you are not forgiven for enabling griefers.
For one thing this only compounds the problem as more people bottleneck up because Jackaz had to grab his largest mount and then use some stupid enlarging thingy on it. Then the copy cats begin. Then the people legitimately trying to reach the quest giver pile around. The problem compounds.

Our group used hotkeys and then targeted off each other and used share quest but still....
When I logged in I had a HUGE thing on my screen that granted me a quest. I've had plenty of quests that allowed remote turn in and then fed me the next one. Had you chosen this route of giving us our railroad ride to our garrison it would have gone much much smoother. I'm not saying it would have fixed every day 1 issue but it would have helped a great deal.

You did very well today for the most. I'm proud of you and I love you and it is because I love you that I'm taking your iPhone away for the weekend. Now I want you to think about the tech you have and how you can utilize it better to deal with griefers. Go.

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