Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I've got the itch

The new raiding season began today a midst another round of Blizzard's servers having seizures. There has to be a pill for that.

We don't actually begin our official raiding until tomorrow night so we have yet to be effected by it but I did follow one Fullspectrum's healers as he battled the login was not good.

I'm genuinely excited.  I haven't been for a while now. I lost the drive at the end of MoP and literally up until today I had little desire to play wow at all. I've been focused in on Minecraft lately but today the winds changed.

This season will certainly be different for me as I am now officially in charge. This is my ship, it sinks or floats by the skill of my guidance... and I couldn't be more nervous.
I desperately need a recruitment officer. We will not grow properly until I find the right person to head up our HR department. Its just not something I am good at.

So what I have for now is a 6 hour, two day a week raiding schedule, 2 tanks and a DPS locked in plus another DPS who I have a feeling will be there but it is unconfirmed. That gives us 4 for sure and most likely 5. 5/6 on Fridays when I know we will have an extra hand.
Its a good starting point. We will have to use the LFG channel and be fast about removing trouble and replacing with something useful.
Its up to me. That is a scary thought and one I have been trying my best to avoid but somehow I always end up leading and this time its more my fault than ever. And to be honest I want to lead. I want to be sure that when all goes to shit that I have no one to blame but myself because I can handle that more that chalking it up to some one else's poor leadership.

And the thing is I get the impression that the people who follow me actually believe I'm an ok leader. Sure they think I need a van down by the river but they seem happy with me leading for the most part. Of course this does mean that they aren't so happy when I vanish for a few months to dig blocks and they are right...I lost my fire. Nothing to it but to do it now though. Get back in there and start swinging.

I can't wait for tomorrow night.

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