Thursday, April 10, 2014

Before you Raid....

I f  I could sit all my raiders down and force them to watch one video and read one blog entry they would be the following:

Fail Faster. While the topic here is actually game design the concept applies all through out our lives. Raiding especially. If we could learn to recover faster and rework bad play we would all get just a bit further. Wipes are not a failure, not learning from wipes is.

Raid Awareness is a Learned and Practiced Skill.

This is wonderful blog post by a man named Hamlet who writes about healing mainly. I'm sure he was simply putting down some thoughts he had but what he ended up with was a Raider Manifesto. Raiders should read this, think about it, read it again, then read it again. Read it once a month. Read it every night you spend wiping. Just read it.

These two works more than anything form the basis of what a good raider should be.

EDIT: I'd like to add one thing, as a raider the best thing you can do post wipe is assess your play and determine what mistakes you made. Don't be dismissive about it and skip over every thought you have about that thing that that OTHER person did which screwed you over. Simply think back and find all the fire you stood in, the OSB you forgot to push, the ability you missed and own them all. Those were your mistakes, no one else, they can get their own because you own these. If you can think of a helpful way to avoid the mistake again mention it. If it is simply a matter of pay more attention just do a mental note.

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