Friday, April 25, 2014

Notes For SoO 22April14

Tomorrow night we once again return to the Seige of Orggrimar. This week we will be introducing a few new faces and working to stabalize our core team in order to really get down to some progression.

For the first few bosses which we have on farm I will be trying out a few new mods to see if they will end up being usefull.
I'm trying to find a good fail finder mod and have Phoenixstyle and Ensidiafails lined up.
I also found a neat little mod called Panic Tracker which shows incoming damage verse incoming heals.
Finally I will be giving Big Wigs a go as a replacement for DBM. I was able to play around with it a bit before work tonight and I am very excited about its potential.

Before raid tomorrow I need to go collect my warforged seals and give Ordos a good beat down. After that I need to get the last upgrade for my chest so it will be 2/2. Also even though the guild does provide consumables I like to carry my own so I need to restock.

Boss specific notes after the break.

I will be using Healiocentrics blog as a basis for each of the bosses.

Immerseus - Farm

Desired loot: None
Cloak and Trinket: Healing, Spirit
Talents and Glyphs: Halo, ToF, Glyph of Renew

Boss Abilities to Track - Corrosive Blast, Purified Residue, Swirl

Fallen Protectors - Farm

Loot: None
Cloak and Trinket: Healing, Spirit
Talents and Glyphs: Divine Star, ToF, Purify
Also switching to Spirit Flask

Tracking - Sha Sear, Bane
Also will place Sun as Focus and insure focus cast bars are on.

Norushen - Farm

Loot: None
Cloak and Trinket: DPS, Nazgrims
Talents and Glyphs: ToF, Divine Star, Smite
Save Pot for phase shift

Tracking - Test of Reliance, Blind Hatred, Adds Spawned

Sha of Pride - Farm

Loot: Gaze of Arrogance, Prismatic Prison of Pride
Cloak and Trinket: Heal, Spirit
Talents and Glyphs: Divine Star, ToF, Inner Santum, Purify, Solace and Insanity

Tracking - Reflections, Gift of Titans, Swelling Pride #2 and on, Prison, Add,

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