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Triage Healing coming to WoD? How about Raid Wipe Differential Diagnosis till then?


This is much more readable version I listed in my guilds officer area

Understanding why wipes occur is important for any raid leader, or at the very least having someone on board who who can figure this out for you.
Ok, so wipes occur for one of four reasons:
1 - Tanks failed to controll the boss or adds that require a tank
2 - DPS failed to do enough damage during the encounter
3 - Healers insuffentiently healed the fight
4 - Raid mechanics were poorly executed
How do you know which one was the cause of the wipe?
The best way to examine the deaths that led up to the wipe cascade (for ten man this is roughly the first three deaths, or first four if a battle res was used).
Were you under the enrage timer but the wipe cascade occured because a boss was smashing everyones face? Then it was the tanks (this happens to us when Wort forgets to turn on his blood presence or Tonk forgets his seal of righteusness). Check that your tanks are playing properly, council if needed and retry.
Was everything great until you hit the enrage? In this case DPS was too low (when we first began the Norushen fight this was our main issue.) If so look at your DPS players? Does their dmg seem low for their gear? Check that they know their rotation, understand how to gem/enchant/reforge their gear, and know when to use DPS cooldowns to maximize their output. If all of that is good then their gear is simply too low, you can try dumping a healer for more DPS so long as you don't hit the third wall.
The next two are more complicated but also interrelated.
If your raid is dieing becuase they are taking too much unavoidable damage then your healing is insuffcient. Like DPS above check spec and gear and look into healing competency. If all looks good ditch a DPS for a another healer and hope you don't hit wall 2.
The thing is though we aren't robots nor are we top 1% players. We will be taking avoidable damage. The top 1% may only take 10% avoidable damage the whole fight (this is why they are so conserned with a 1% DPS gain that simply wouldn't phase our group). The rest of us take considerably more avoidable damage and healers must compensate.
Galakras burn phase is a great example of taxing healers and seeing what they can put out. On the other hand Dark Shaman test the raids ability to control damage mechanics and stay alive. Finally General Nazgrim is designed to test your raids ability to prioritize targets and understand boss stances (if shamans heal him it will be a wipe, if DPS don't understand Battle stance is for mild DPS and add control, Berserker stance is for cooldowns and heavy DPS while still control adds, and Defensive stance is a time to sit back and regenerate while dealing with adds then the fight gets many times more difficult).
You will have to look at logs for this one and talk to (or be one of )the healers and then talk to your raid as a whole. Make sure people are avoiding the fire, using raid and personal defensive cooldowns, and that healers are performing well. Again you may have to swap a DPS for an extra healer and hope you still have enough DPE (damage per encounter). Or maybe you need to have your healers do some research and become better, or as Moke says "Stop being a noob Air!"
Once you know what to look for you will be better able to direct raiders thoughts after a wipe in order to find and work on a solution.
Soon we will discuss logging and how to interpret logs so you can hone in what the actual problem is.

I had written a long and winded post about wipe analysis and mid way through I realized there was a much simpler path.
In medicine a differential diagnosis is a way of eliminating causes for a condition in order to minimize and zero in on the most likely cause. This allows for more targeted treatment.
We can apply the same idea to raid wipes in order to help focus in on what needs to improved in order to minimize future wipes.

After the break I will walk through the differential but first let's list two tools that are very handy when focusing in on a more specific area of improvement.

World of Logs
Warcraft Logs
Both sites have a similar goal but different approaches and currently both remain useful in their own rights. Learning to use log parsing sites can seem daunting at first but there are quiet a few good tutorials out there and I will endeavor to go over at least of the functionality in future entries.

Raid Wipe Differential Diagnosis
Begin at the first step and continue down until you reach an end point. Apply the recommended solution and retry the encounter.

Is the boss dead?

Yes? Not a wipe, congrats on your kill!

No? See next line.

Hard enrage met?
*Yes? 80% of raid alive?

-Yes? Did the fight have a healing or resetting mechanic?

>Yes? Did your raid adequately control this mechanic?

+Yes? DPS is too low. Improve DPS and retry.

+No? Raid needs to focus on mechanic awareness. Go over fight mechanics and retry.
>No? DPS is too low. Improve DPS and retry.

-NO? Healing was insufficient. See Healing Differential.

*No? See next line.

Did the first couple of deaths occur because of tankable boss mechanics?

*Yes? Was the tank alive during these deaths?

-Yes? Was he in proper spec and stance?

>Yes? Tank lost aggro, investigate rotation and repeat.

>No? Have Tank insure proper spec and stance and repeat.

-No? Was Tank in proper spec and stance?

>Yes? Proper rotation and CD use?

+Yes? Stacks dropped and swapped properly?

Yes? Check healing differential.

No? Review Boss Mechanics and retry.

+No? Insure mechanics are handled properly and retry.

>No? Correct spec and stance and retry.

*No? Go to next line.

Did the first couple of deaths occur to avoidable damage?
*Yes? Remind raiders of raid awareness and go over encounter avoidable damage  
mechanics then retry.
*No? Seeing healing differential.

Healing Differential.

Your raid has wiped. The tanks performed their job properly and enrage mechanics were not the cause. Logs indicate that avoidable damage was within your raids toleration limits. Time to assess the healers for areas of potential improvement.

Do logs show that Raid Cooldowns were used effectively?
*Yes? Were individual cooldowns used appropriately and effectively?

-Yes? Did healers minimize overhealing?

>Yes? Was healing applied with appropriate speed?

+Yes? Your healers are overtaxed. If gearing is fine add healers and retry.

+No? Healers need to work on Raid Awareness and                       responsiveness. Council healers and retry.

>No? Council healers on using more efficient healing and retry.

-No? Remind all raiders to do their best to minimize damage and use personal         cooldowns effectively. Before retrying encounter do a quick check for potentially 
inefficient healing as well.

*No? Review available raid cooldowns and coordinate their use to improve efficiency and retry the encounter.  

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