Thursday, May 29, 2014

Been a While, This is the Goals Post


  • Individual sets for Holy and Disc
  • Garrosh Kill
  • Trinkets Dammit
  • All Tillers as Friends
  • T5 set, the angel looking one
  • Proven Healer
  • Not much really, might pick her back up in WoD
  • Oh yeah make the Darkmoon trinket for Airibear
  • Learn to play Mistweaver
  • in that vein, Gold Healer
  • Max out gathering profs
  • once druid is of level switch to leather profs
  • Max out Jewel and Enchanting
  • Make the panther mounts
  • Hit 90
  • Gold Healer for druid
  • max gathering profs
  • Hit 90, and then 100
  • Get ready to use as main in WoD
  • Alchemy, Flask Master, Engineering, Goblin
Minor goals, level and gain Gold healer on Shammy and Paladin. 

Wait for WoD to see if profession will be important or stupid, who knows. 
I want to get a pet team to 25 at some point I'm just not focused enough to actually do it. 

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