Sunday, May 18, 2014

Something to Prove

My journey into the proving grounds may be a bit different that most people hope to accomplish when they step foot into the arena. The title is of little consequence to me and instead this is a sort of journey to learn healing or rather to learn to be a better healer.

I'll be tackling this problem as a Holy priest and will begin with a non-optimized set of gear comprised of merely a handful of pieces I can find laying about in my bank. Until I become comfortable with spell choice and predicting the incoming wave gear will remain as is, to emphasis it will only be once gear is the obvious limiting factor that I will make changes.

Today being the first day of proving will mainly be about acclimating to the scenario and insuring that all weak auras and the like are appropriately set up. A few iterations and some thought will follow but without any specific goals in mind.

For a primer on how PG works see this guide over at wowhead - wowheads guide to proving grounds

Day one ended with a few attempts going to 9 and one going to 10 but dying out there.
Not bad for a first try.

Logs: Day 1

I'll add in lessons learned later.


I've been reading a few thoughts from others on their experience in the proving grounds and I want to share something with you.

First a little video:

Ok now for a quote from the amazing Healiocentric:

Your job here is not solely to fill up green boxes and make green numbers. It is to help the party succeed in any way possible – from providing interrupts or stuns, to helping DPS, to manipulating positioning.
Emphasis added by myself.

Watch the video again.
Watch as Hamlet moves around the arena and positions the mobs and his own party. Now take in what Healio said in an off handed way.

Was that obvious to you? Because it wasn't to me but it was something I noticed watching Hamlet. This is a skill I must learn. Oh my gawd!

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