Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Holy Malkorok Batbear

So our first attempt on Malk in Disc was disc-appointing.
This week I switched to Holy and last night went a ton better...but I can improve.

So I was thinking about the four piece bonus and wondering if it was really worth it. It took me a little while to really appreciate what is going on with it.
The idea is this: create a weak aura to track 4p stacks; before the pull pop off three CoH or PoM or whatever and see how long the 4p lasts; if it has a long duration then I can wait for mana to regen; does anything break it? combat start?; if not pre stack it then wait for pull.

Pre-pot, power infusion+synapse springs+shadowfiend, Halo, PW:San with 3 stacks on tank/melee area.
Settle into bind, bind, PoH and flash, flash, PoH/GH routine. Use FDCL procs to keep serenity up for faster PoH or GHs, these are lovely to drop on people who are plummeting to the ground right after a nice Renew. Divine insight myself as needed for soaking. CoH on CD to keep 4p up for PW:San renewal.

Now as we get near phase 2 I need to insure that 4p is at 3 stacks. Rumor is PoM has no effect as it doesn't bounce under Malks shields (so dropping the PoM glyph for a CoH glyph) but it can still be used to ping a stack of 4p instantly if I'm short before phase 2.

For phase 2 I'll drop a lightspring, guardian...whom?, the tanks, especially our blood DK Wort aren't really in as much danger as someone like Tonk or Fran so maybe one of them? drop PW:San then bind, bind, PoH my way through phase 2.
I would HoH but this didn't work so well with the debuff dropping on random targets. Maybe save HoH for near the end to top off shields? Also need to find time for Focus or hymn of mana.

Tonight should go a lot better

We got the kill

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