Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Been a long time since I rock and rolled

A lot has happened.

So my SoO team's progress stalled out at 13/14 normal. There were many many problems but what it finally came down to was that the desire was present but the drive was lacking.

I was not happy with the results. Do I blame anyone? Yes. Myself.

So I hopped over to look at the Fullspectrum guild page again, like I do when I'm feeling that I have not put myself in the right environment to test myself and I applied.
They only accept 5% of submitted apps however so I needed a backup plan.

And then it occurred to me, "If Oatz can do it why can't I?"
Seriously. I have the drive, I have the passion, and most importantly I have the patients. I have been selling myself short because of personal insecurity for too long. I can do this, I will do this.

I so I informed my old guilds officer core and set out with the goal of building my own raid guild based off the example that Oatz and Fullspectrum set.

I figured I would have to go it alone at first. Really build it up from the ground. Before I could even get out the door though I had an army swarming around me. They were coming with me and that was that. I really had no say in the matter.
I keep reiterating the vision to them and I truly hope they understand it. This guild will be based off of a no excuse raid team. A team that sheds dead weight. A team that requires its members to push their class and themselves to be ever better.

What I want is simple enough in my mind.
Raiders who care about their gear. They care about their stats. They care about their rotations. They care about their cooldowns. They care so much they seek opinions and counter opinions and world first opinions and all the opinions. For them one site, one voice, one explanation isn't enough. Furthermore it is not enough to be told what to do they want to understand why they do what they do. They push to be the best.
They do all of this together. Researching together. Learning together.

That is all I want. Is that too much to ask.

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