Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Healer Gold Again

One of the idiosyncrasies of the Proving Grounds is they are character based and not account based. Each toon must make his or her own journey from bronze to endless.

And so I have been working on my Warlords main alaphnull. Bronze and silver were a breeze as expected but gold took me a few tries. Not as many as with airibear to be sure but still a few.

Tonight I got gold in two tries and more than that the successful attempt felt really good.

I have been collecting up gear since alaph hit 90 in preparations for my attempt  but until this weekend I hadn't had a gearing plan to guide my choices. I decided that the key factors were Int for throughput, mastery for the added heal and spirit for regen. I reforged all haste and crit into mastery and went with gear that had native spirit on it.
As for gemming my plan was red - Int, blue - Int/Spirit, yellow Int - Mast. I've seen lots of different recommendations from pure Int to only Int and Spirit but I just don't know.

I'm still working out a real stat weight for PGs which is much different than the weights used for SoO. Oddly with the makeshift weights and limited gear choices I ended up with a few of the green starter peices you get when boosting to 90 and a set of pvp shoulders which actually fair well in PGs. Not BiS by a long shot mind you but the items I went with seemed to serve me well.
For trinkets I'm using the Relic of Chi-Ji  and the Soothing Shado-Pan trink. The on demand Mana is nice.

My first try today went well but mid way in I realized I had not switched my glyphs from the previous days LFRing. Still I managed to get to wave 9 before loosing it. I went with the PoM, Deepwells, and Purify glyphs and was really happy with them. I had been using the Binding heal glyph but at 35% more mana and times when it wasn't needed I felt going with mana neutral glyphs would be a better trade off.
One I do want to look into is the renew glyph which trades time for more healing. The issue then becomes refreshing it and the matter of how haste and ticks work.

After gold I lost some of my focus and managed to only get to wave 4 in endless. It was neat seeing double Aqua-bombs and double Chomps though, on one character I mean.
Endless will certainly be more challenging and I'm looking forward to it. I hope to get my proven title before 6.0 changes the game around.

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