Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The WoD Raiding Mainifesto

For me, and as such for Bandage Brigade, raiding is not simply a means to go forth and slay dragons and gather loot. For us raiding is instead a place for enthusiastic, dedicated people to join forces in order to tackle a larger goal while at the same time working to get the absolute most from ourselves.
I am not looking to carry warm bodies through the halls of evil each week in order to facilitate a disinterested and disengaged raid group.
The lessons learned in T16 will be applied moving forward and this time around I would rather take the night off as opposed to forcing myself to meet an obligation for which there is no passion and no enthusiasm.

Going forward into Warlords we will be looking to fill our ranks with those who are hungry to achieve. Those for whom simply downing a boss is not enough as they strive ever forward to be the absolute best in class. From the inexperienced but hungry eyed noob to energetic, self motivated veteran, coming up for T17 it will not simply be enough enough to just show up.

I am looking to fill our ranks with players who will fill our forums with discussions of class and spec and boss mechanics. Who will go on for hours about this or that gear and this or that rotation. People who desire a dialogue and wish to wear away the hours sharing new sources of knowledge and new found inspirations.

The new raid system will help facilitate a greater flexibility in who we are able to take with us and how we work to grow our younger raiders from within.

As we get closer and closer to this new paradigm becoming a reality I will go into more detail about our plans going forward.
For now I would like all prospective raiders to begin to consider their desired role, class, and spec and to begin sharing on our forums bits of knowledge that will eventually grow into the successful steam train that is
Bandage Brigade Core Progression Raid.

The times for our raids will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays as mandatory progression nights. Form-up will begin at 1930 hours server time. Raiders above the entry level are expected to have their gear properly maintained, have appropriate consumables on hand, and be on at form-up time. The first boss pull is expected no later than 2000 hours and the raid will not pull after 2230 hours wrapping up and ending after the conclusion of this last pull.
Those who wish to maintain core raider status will need to maintain 90% attendance, have a strong forum presence, and show competency with their respective role, class, and spec in regards to gear and play.

We will also hold a raid at the same time on Sunday evening to facilitate alternates, hopefuls, and core members attempting to fill in holes in gearing. The Sunday runs are optional and will not count against core attendance. We will run non-progression bosses or use it to reset an extended lockout.

I look forward to forging ahead in Draenor  with my BB brethren beside me! Come Raid With Us Yarrr!!!!

-alaphnull, raid ossifer

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