Monday, August 11, 2014

The perfect guild?

Brushing aside the fact that we each have a different definition of perfection, do perfect guilds exist?

I have to say yes. I've applied to one that I would have to say fits my definition of perfect. They are very selective though and as they only accept the top 5% of applicants I'm not holding my breath. I sure hope they accept me though.

So what is it that makes them so perfect, aside from their raid times matching my own?

For one they are highly selective which insures that all members fit well into the whole. Second they are driven without having names on their roster who are carries.

Honestly if I was to form my own guild I would use them as the model.
so who are they?

 So let's say I don't get accepted. My thinking at this stage is that I should forge ahead and start my own guild using Full Spectrum as a template to build exactly what I have been long for all these years.

First up would be recruitment. I do not wish to be in one of these guilds that will accept everyone and their mother in. Instead I want to only recruit people to fill out the raid roster. This would be roughly 23 people for mythic progression in Warlords.
Secondly none of these would be bench warmers, fillins, etc. The three slots over 20 would be to insure that if one or two or three people had to have the night off we would be covered. If all 23 showed up we would have a system to rotate people in for each attempt.
Another thing I would do away with would be a caste system within the guild. No officers. Simply raiders, friends and family, and trials.


  1. GM 
  2. Raider
  3. Alts, Friends, Family
  4. Trials
And that is it. No socials, no pvpers, no wasted space. 
Friends and family would be accepted only by invitation from full members and then the member would have to take full accountability for the actions of those they chose to bring with them. 
As far as conduct, no sexism, no racism, no homophobia, respect each other. Very basic stuff. 

I would look to fill slots with people who had a real passion about WoW, people who participated in discussions and really worked to be the best at their role, class, spec. Forum activity would be a big thing. 

Oh yeah, new members would have to approved by the entire raid group. 

I would also do a dual trial, two weeks as a trial member and then a two month probationary period while we insured that the new member truly fit. 

As far as raiding goes I am confident that if I recruited players who approached wow with the same seriousness and desire to improve that I myself do then we would be able to overcome almost anything. No carries remember. All members trained to read logs and working hard to perform at the top of their class. All members keeping up to date with current and upcoming theorycrafting and staying ahead of potential changes. 

This is what I seek out of a guild and what I may end up forming if I can't find a premade that will accept me. 

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